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My First Day of Fifth Grade

        ” Wake up! Wake up! ” my hurried mother ordered from a magnificent one story down. My heavy head tilted to the left of my fluffy pillow. The green digital letters read…” 6:40 “. Cool. Crawling out of my comfy covers I raced into my  warm bathroom. Rubbing my hazel nut eyes, I blinked a couple of times and quickly glued my eyes to the reflective mirror.

Staring down I snatched my tooth brush and brushed. Frantically looking at the time, I quickly glanced at the time and took a bath. Zoom! I raced down the soft stairs and I grabbed a buttermilk waffle, and a glass of tea and my dad drove me to the school buliding.

After school my dad picked me up and my brain rolled through a list of expectations for fifth grade. Straight As, and a great year!

By: Nikita Karthik 😀


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