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Ice Skates

These are my ice skates

Their size 2

They seem to look used

And yes, that’s true

These are my ice skates

There mine only mine

And listen don’t you hear

That sweet bells chime

These are my ice skates

They are cozy and warm

But my sister can’t fit in em

Cause she’s only 4!


My First Day of Fifth Grade

        ” Wake up! Wake up! ” my hurried mother ordered from a magnificent one story down. My heavy head tilted to the left of my fluffy pillow. The green digital letters read…” 6:40 “. Cool. Crawling out of my comfy covers I raced into my  warm bathroom. Rubbing my hazel nut eyes, I blinked a couple of times and quickly glued my eyes to the reflective mirror.

Staring down I snatched my tooth brush and brushed. Frantically looking at the time, I quickly glanced at the time and took a bath. Zoom! I raced down the soft stairs and I grabbed a buttermilk waffle, and a glass of tea and my dad drove me to the school buliding.

After school my dad picked me up and my brain rolled through a list of expectations for fifth grade. Straight As, and a great year!

By: Nikita Karthik 😀

Dancing with me is my fav. teacher, Anupi… 😉

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